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The Legacy of Narcissus | Art Museum of SE Texas

Generally speaking, narcissism is an excessive preoccupation with oneself, and it's something as a society we're pretty interested in. This summer, Good Housekeeping offered up eight traits to identify a narcissist. Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb ...

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Houston Cinema Arts Festival | Houston Cinema Arts Society

What do you think of when you hear the word cowboy? Is it shootouts at the O.K. Corral or Old West gun slingers like Billy the Kid? Is it John Wayne, a man synonymous with the Western? Woody from Toy Story? Or maybe it’s Cardi B, whose instantly ...

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Beatriz Gonzalez: A Retrospective | MFAH

In 1965, a grainy, black and white photo went viral in Colombia, or at least what passed for viral in the 20th century. Printed in tabloid after tabloid under headlines like “los enamorados suicidas dejaron su ultima foto,” the professional ...

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